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New Book Release

Literature from good local authors; books that are creative, honest, thoughtful, and uniquely interesting to readers somewhere. These are what we enjoy producing and presenting.

Today, I'm proud to present to you a novel written by a talented neighbor of mine. Her story is in the adult fantasy genre.

Here's the synopsis.

Sorcha is not from this world. Sent to Earth to do the gods’ bidding, Sorcha quickly finds herself wrapped up in court intrigue as the evil King Razan begins to take away Fae freedoms one by one. And her dangerous attraction to his son, Prince Kartix, just might be the end of her.

Together with the help of her loyal friends, she sets plans in motion to overthrow the king before time runs out. In a fantastical world where magik is the enemy, young girls are slaves to old men, and princes are betrothed to wicked women, Sorcha must determine who her real enemies are without losing her head.

CLICK HERE to order online.

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