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Updated: Dec 10, 2020

I’m not an overly sociable person, and I don’t sport a larger-than-life charismatic personality. I don’t tend to surround myself with flocks of people. In fact, I’m such an individualist that some have found me to be aloof, even disconnected. “Community” isn’t the idea you’d expect to hear from someone like me. But there’s a profound truth about community that I’m coming to understand. It's a truth that’s hard to put into words, but I'll try.

​It’s something like this: Right now, our world needs a healthy return to living in community, and the foundation of that return is a wise focus on the individual. Only by thoroughly enriching the minds of individuals—only by deepening and strengthening the character of people to stand on their own two feet—can America be revitalized through rebuilding our communities with each other. Then, we won't just pretend to respect or appreciate each other or do so automatically (based on nothing of substance). We genuinely will respect and appreciate each other based on actually seeing ourselves in each other.

Real community, the kind we need, isn’t about any sort of top-down collectivism. It’s not about the weakening of property rights and free markets, or about building systems to enforce “equality” across our nation. It’s about free-standing individuals being inspired first to see and know themselves, and then to see and connect with their family members, neighbors, fellow citizens, fellow human beings, and all the life of which we are all an integral part.

Know yourself. Stand on your own two feet and live life as a valuable person. Then, CONNECT. That’s where healthy community starts. Understand and empathize deeply with yourself, so that your enriched understanding and empathy can be turned outward, causing the roots of community to come alive and grow again. The roots of community grow in the soil of enriched individual minds.

That’s what DeepRichDirt is after. That’s our message. Again, it’s hard to capture fully in words. It’s intuitive, but the idea is clear in my mind, and I hope this shows you the heart of it.

I’ve been humbled and fortunate to have my wife and others rally around and join the cause of making DeepRichDirt into the seed of a community, hopefully one which will sprout more like it across the nation.

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