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Farewell to "Miss Adorabibble"

Last week, our friend and children's author Jobeth Stanfill passed away at Cape Fear Regional Hospital after having a heart attack. She will be dearly missed by her children, husband, and many other family and friends.

Jobeth was a specially warm and caring person. Her unique mind and compassion will continue to shine through the memory of her and the countless marks she left on the world around her, including the two beautiful kids' books she published under the pen name "Miss Adorabibble".

A couple of years ago, Jobeth helped to design and name the charitable effort called "Veteran Harbor", which is now an active 501(c)3 nonprofit organization to help troubled veterans. Today, meeting with Jobeth's husband Brian, we decided that starting now and continuing indefinitely, DeepRichDirt Publishing will pay 100% of Jobeth's author royalties to Veteran Harbor, Inc. I believe she would've loved this arrangement.

Please remember Jobeth's family during their time of loss.

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