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Adding a New Book and Bookshelf

This spring/summer, I've decided to start organizing DeepRichDirt books as categories in "bookshelves". First and foremost is the Kids' Bookshelf with several authors already featured, followed by the Novels Bookshelf. Then there's the small but growing Poetry Bookshelf (mostly my own writing along with some from Azevedo Mafra), as well as the even smaller Nonfiction Bookshelf (so far with just one of my own earlier books).

Now, with a new book this year from A. Cameron Jackson, I'm introducing the Religion and Philosophy Bookshelf specifically for meaning-of-life type of works. Click the image to see Cameron's unique book on Amazon.

From the publisher's note near the front:

"As with all our books — particularly works of adult nonfiction — the viewpoints expressed in these pages are those of the author. DeepRichDirt Publishing seeks to broadly promote a free culture by facilitating an open marketplace of ideas, both old and new. We find value in presenting and examining various concepts, both our own and others’. This is why we seek, over time, to provide a wealth of diverse viewpoints to readers, giving voice to a rich collection of unique authors. Following basic principles of love and honesty, we hope this and each other book in the Religion & Philosophy Shelf holds potential to enrich a person or a community somewhere."

If you're an evangelical looking for a devotional or a brush-up on basic apologetics, you may enjoy Cameron's book. But, whether or not religion is your cup of tea, I hope you can see the vision of what we're going for here: growing good thoughts.

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