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About our books

My wife Amanda and I believe in the value of people sitting together in the evening the old-fashioned way and reading physical books. All the better if they’re fun, unique, or thought-provoking books. That's why we founded DeepRichDirt.

The human mind is soil that can grow beautiful things if it’s nourished—not with screen time, social media, or 24-hour news, but with good written ideas. The practical, the timeless, the uplifting, the inspiring. These are what we seek to bring to readers.

We love helping independent authors share valuable books. We publish all genres from children’s books to adult nonfiction, adult fiction, etc. We publish primarily physical (paperback or hardback) books via major online wholesalers and distributors.

So grab a good book and sit down a while. Fertilize your mind. Grow something good -- and enjoy!

        Nate Crew

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