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Who and what is DeepRichDirt? Scroll down and meet us below.


Who we are

Look around you. There's too much barren soil, not just literal but figurative. Not just tainted land, but uprooted people, transformed from citizens into commodities, from neighbors into consumers, interchangeable cogs in a machine.

That's not who we all are, deep down. We're richer than that. We may be dirty and imperfect, but we can be healthy communities if we decide to be.

Healthy community is what DeepRichDirt is all about. And we know that health starts on the individual level -- enriching the human soil around us, one person at a time, one mind and one life at a time. From our books to our media, merchandise, farm and food connections, our dream is to prepare the soil to grow something good. We hope to make it a deeper and richer dirt in which the roots of community will sprout, connect and thrive.

Look around you. Now forget the barrenness you see. Imagine what it all could be -- what it should be. We're Nate and Amanda Crew and a small group of friends with a vision and commitment to making that "could" and "should" into reality. We're a publishing company that sprouted out of Crew Family Orchards.

This enrichment of human soil is our soul, our big reason why. There is a depth that can come alive again, and come together. The roots must grow back. We'd love to see you join us.

"Fertilize your mind."

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